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Living in Shaler

  1. Adopt a Shaler Township Road

    Volunteer to adopt a Shaler Township Road to help keep the Township litter free.

  2. Kiwanis Park Focus Group Application

    Please complete the following questions to apply for the Kiwanis Park Focus Group.

  3. No Solicitation List

    Your address only has to be submitted once. Submission to the 'No Solicitation' list is only applicable from the date submitted. ... More…

  4. STAR Committee Registration

    Shaler Township Activities and Recreation Committee. Members will meet as necessary to discuss an open forum of ideas and volunteer to... More…

  1. Citizen Request for Services Form
  2. Military Recognition Sign-Up
  3. Shaler Township Firemen's Application
  4. Unsubscribe from No Solicitation List

    If you would like to be removed from the No Solicitation List please fill out this form.

Police Department

  1. Anonymous Tip Form

    Submit an anonymous tip to the police department.

  2. Officer Interaction Form

    Provide the Chief of Police with feedback about your interaction with a Shaler Township Police Officer.

  1. Email Us
  2. Vacation Check Request