How is the tax paid?
The tax is withheld by the employer. The employer must take $52 divided by the number of pay periods anticipated for each employee in the calendar year and withhold that prorated portion in each pay period.

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1. Who is subject to Local Services Tax?
2. What is the Local Services Tax rate?
3. What is the definition of income from all sources?
4. How is the tax paid?
5. What if I leave my employer before the end of the year?
6. What if I start working after January 1?
7. Is there an exemption level?
8. Do I have to pay the tax if I anticipate total earnings of less than $12,000?
9. What happens if I claim an exemption and earn more than $12,000?
10. Is my employer required to withhold the Shaler tax if I already paid another taxing body?
11. What if my employer does withhold the tax even though I have paid somewhere else?
12. Do I have to wait until the end of the year to apply for a refund if I paid a total of more than $52 during the year?
13. Are there any exemptions from the tax?
14. I work out of my home. My company office is located in another state. My home serves as my office. Am I required to pay the tax?