Rodent Control

Animal Traps are available at the Township Building for Residents to use.

Procedure of Usage of Animal Traps:

The deposit charge is $80 which can be posted in cash, check or card.

The deposit will be held and returned within 5 days of the return of the trap.

The trap can be loaned for a period of no longer than two weeks.

If the trap is not returned by the end of the two-week period, the deposit will be forfeited.

All traps must be cleaned before returning to the Township Office, any uncleaned or broken trap will result in the forfeiture of a $25 cleaning fee and/or loss of the deposit. 

Upon capture of a wild animal, the renter will contact BIG DADDY WILDLIFE REMOVAL and request that an animal control officer contracted by the Township be dispatched to remove the animal from the trap. Please be sure to specify that you have a Township loaned trap. Upon arrival of the animal control officer, the renter will have the control officer sign the form provided by the Township and then return it to the Township when the animal trap is returned. 

Please contact the Township for more information and to receive the Animal Trap Usage Form. 

Allegheny County Rodent Control Information