No-Impact Home Based Business Permit

There are many residents in the Township that conduct business operations directly from their home. To comply with the Township zoning code, individuals conducting business from their home must submit a No-Impact Home Based Business Application and be approved by the Township of Shaler.  The definition of a No Impact Home Based Business is as follows:

A No-Impact Home Based Business is a business or commercial activity administered or conducted as an accessory use which is clearly secondary to the use as a residential dwelling and which involves no customer, client, employee or patient traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian, pickup, delivery or removal functions to or from the premises in excess of those normally associated with residential use.  Business activities may include but not be limited to the use of a desk, computer, phone/fax machine and filing system. There can be no outward signs that a business is being conducted within the residence. 

In addition to the above requirements, the business or commercial activity must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • The business activity shall be compatible with the residential use of the property and surrounding residential uses.
  • The business shall employ no employees other than family members residing in the dwelling.
  • There shall be no display or sale of retail goods and no stockpiling or inventory of a substantial nature.
  • There shall be no outside appearance of a business use, including, but not limited to, parking, signs or lights.
  • The business activity may not use any equipment or process which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors or electrical or electronic interference, including interference with radio or television reception, which is detectable in the neighborhood.
  • The business activity may not generate any solid waste or sewage discharge in volume or type which is not normally associated with residential use in the neighborhood.
  • The business activity shall be conducted only within the dwelling and may not occupy more than 25% of the habitable floor area.
  • The business may not involve any illegal activity.