Building Permit

Shaler Township utilizes the statewide building code, or Uniform Construction Code, the 2015 International Residential Building Code, the 2015 International Building Code and the 2015 International Fire Code.  All applications, required documents, and fees must be submitted to the Building and Code Enforcement Officer for approval.

Building Permits are required for the following:

Please complete a Building Permit Applicationand submit all of the following items with your application to the Building & Zoning Department, 300 Wetzel Road, Glenshaw, PA 15116.  Call 412-486-9700 x222 or x216 with questions. By State law, the Township has 15 business days to process residential building permits and 30 business days to process commercial building permits; however, turn-around time is often 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the review.  

  1. Copy of your property survey to ensure the proposed construction is not encroaching on property boundaries, public rights-of-way or underground utility lines.
  2. Copy of contractor’s worker’s compensation insurance certificate (or complete the Worker’s Compensation Exemption form).
  3. A detailed set of building plans including cross-section design (engineered or stamped drawings are not necessary).  The plans should be detailed enough that someone else could construct your project (not needed for swimming pools).  Failure to submit this information may result in a delay in getting your permit.
  4. Payment can be made by check, credit card, or cash.  (Cost is calculated on the Building Permit Application).  

*  For a commercial building permit, applicant must submit everything required for a residential building permit as well as plans stamped by a registered design professional.  The proposed plan will likely go before the Township’s Planning Commission to ensure the project passes the Township’s code.(Subdivision/Land Development application). Please call the Building & Zoning department at 412-486-9700 x222 or x216 for additional information.

Building Inspections:

Once the permit is issued, inspections must be done at various phases of construction, depending on your project. You must give 24-hours’ notice to schedule an inspection.

  1. Footer inspection – when forms are in place and prior to concrete being poured.
  2. Foundation inspection – foundation walls and sill plate bolts (anchors) are to be inspected prior to framing.
  3. Framing and mechanical inspection – After electrical and plumbing rough-in inspections are completed and before insulation. Inspection reports from electrical and plumbing rough-in must be provided to the building inspector
  4. Electrical - Rough-in and final electrical inspections are required to be done by a third-party agency certified by the State Department of Labor and Industry. Please call the Building and Zoning Department at 412-486-9700, ext. 216/222 for a listing of electrical inspectors approved by the Township.
  5. Plumbing – Sewer, rough-in, final and stormwater. Arrangements should be made through the Allegheny County Plumbing Division at 412-578-8036. Plans/abstracts should be filed at the Plumbing Division office before inspections are called for.
  6. Insulation – before the walls are covered
  7. Wallboard (drywall) – before compound is applied
  8. Final inspection – An occupancy permit will be issued after the structure is completed and prior to being occupied. All smoke detectors must be hard-wired with battery back-up. A “final electrical sticker” must be affixed to the electrical panel.

Failure to abide by the above rules will constitute a violation of the building code and you will be subject to a fine for each offense.

Swimming Pool Information - Chapter 199

  • Non-corner lots:  On non-corner lots, a swimming pool shall be located directly behind the applicant’s dwelling and set back a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines.
  • Corner lots:  On corner lots abutting two streets, a swimming pool shall be located behind the rear façade line of the applicant’s dwelling and shall be set back a minimum of 10 feet from any non-street-abutting property line.
  • No swimming pool or appurtenances, including decks and shelters, shall be erected nearer to any property line than a building could be erected in the same use district as set forth according to Chapter 199-4.
  • No swimming pool shall be so located as to interfere with the operation of a well or on-site septic system or to be located where there is a potential danger of a septic system discharging into the pool or onto the adjacent area around the pool.
  • No swimming pool or appurtenances shall be erected within a public right-of-way or municipal easement unless the applicant has first entered into a license agreement allowing the structure to be located within the public right-of-way under terms and conditions agreed to by Shaler Township and its Municipal Solicitor.  Please contact the Building & Zoning Department for additional information on obtaining a right-of-way agreement.