Soliciting Update for 2020

Soliciting is now permitted within Shaler Township effective June 10, 2020. 

All solicitors are still required to apply for a soliciting permit through Shaler Township. Once a soliciting permit is approved and purchased, same rules apply to solicitors as they did prior to COVID-19. In addition to the original rules, all solicitors must wear a face mask.

Current Soliciting Permits Issued by Shaler Township

Business Name Permitted Expires
Southwestern Advantage (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED) Nae Mae 8/18/2020
Comcast Clinton Etheridge 11/20/2020
Renewal by Anderson Paul Hudak (8 Permits) 6/23/2020
Palmetto Solar Mitchell Stutz (1 Permit) 9/5/2020
Weed Man Lawn Care Office (6 Permits) 12/15/2020
Tomorrow's Energy Ronald Alston-Humphrey 2/28/2020
Suntuity Solar Alexander Clark 3/11/2021