Stormwater Compliance - MS - 4

The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program was administrated through the Federal Clean Water Act in 1999 and implemented by Pennsylvania in 2003. The underlying goal of the MS4 program is to prevent stormwater pollution from entering streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. Municipalities are required through the EPA and PA DEP to maintain a stormwater management program that complies with the MS4 permit requirements through 6 Minimum Control Measures (MCMs).

Stormwater Management Ordinance - Township of Shaler Code Chapter 190-13

Stormwater Management Zoning Ordinance - Township of Shaler Code Chapter 225-12

For more information on Stormwater Management, visit:  StormwaterPA or 3 Rivers Wet Weather

Storm Water Runoff on Private Property

Over the past few years, the Township has seen an increase in requests for assistance from residents regarding stormwater runoff.  These requests generally follow an unusual rainstorm that results in private property damage.  Residents often call the Township expecting help with a number of issues including, but not limited to:

  • Wash-outs of driveways and landscaped yards from excess water runoff.
  • Basement or garage flooding coming from an outside source due to topography of the landscape.
  • Flooding of in-ground pools from excessive water runoff.
  • Other general water related damages that is caused from private properties not owned by the Township of Shaler.

Responsibility:  Residents are advised that the Township of Shaler is not responsible for outside water runoff that may affect your property.  Much of the damage that we have viewed is caused by improper grading from property owners or poor placement of permanent structures that compound the water runoff problem.

Many of the water runoff problems are generated from neighboring property owners.  Property owners are advised to consult with the Township’s Building and Zoning Department before changing the natural course of water flow from their property onto another property owner’s land.  In addition, the topography of your home's location could also be part of the problem.  If your home is located lower than those around you, your home will likely experience some type of flooding from excessive rainwater at some point in time.  Water follows its’ natural course and will always follow the path of least resistance.  If you do not take steps to divert outside water sources away from your home, you will experience some damage in excessive rainfalls.

Preventing Damage: Residents have to take the necessary steps to prevent private property damage.  This may involve installing french drains, draining swales or other engineered systems to direct water away from their homes and property.  The Township cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of excessive stormwater runoff unless the problem has originated from Township owned facilities.  A homeowner cannot assume that the Township has responsibility for all outside water sources and must accept responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of flooding. 

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