Controlled Deer Hunt

Controlled deer hunt in Shaler Township parks.                

The Township of Shaler has authorized a controlled archery deer hunt to cull our current deer population. Authorized hunters will be permitted to hunt only in Shaler Township parks with archery equipment during the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s designated archery season.
The program began several years ago after complaints about deer began to increase. The township, on average, receives between 150 and 200 deer-related calls each year which includes deer hit by vehicles and injured or dead deer lying residents’ yards. Complaints continue to roll in from residents who see deer in their backyards damaging foliage, trees, bushes and gardens.
Hunters follow all Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations.

The Township has a select group of archery hunters that will be in the following parks:

• Ellen Hughes Park
• McElheny Park – Fawcett Fields
• Kiwanis Park
• Fall Run Park
• Farrell Park

This is a Controlled Hunt Program and there is no hunting in the park without authorization from the Police Department and with a valid permit.

The Controlled Hunt will take place from: September to January during the PA archery deer season. There is no special season and all PA Game Commission regulations apply.
There is no hunting on Sundays.

To qualify for the hunt, you must meet the following criteria:
• Experience in archery hunting and successfully harvest several deer in past seasons.
• No criminal history.
• Will agree to hunt in assigned areas for the entire season.
• Keep a log of hunting times and locations.

If you are an avid archery hunter who has harvested several deer, and are interested in participating in the controlled deer hunting program, please submit an application for consideration.

Controlled Deer Hunt Program Application

If you have any questions, please contact Lt. Josh Watkins at the Shaler Township Police Department by email or at 412-492-2222, extension 454. Lt. Watkins will contact you with more information regarding the controlled hunt and can also answer any questions.

For an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

For any additional information on hunting, see the Pennsylvania Game Commission website at: .