Flood Protection Services

Advice & Assistance

Shaler Township Building Inspector Bob Vita is available to provide Shaler Township residents with advice for flood protection in accordance with the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

This advice is especially important for residents in a delineated floodplain of a major stream, such as Pine Creek or the two branches of Little Pine Creek that are prone to periodic flooding.

Both Mr. Sebastian and Mr. Vita will assist in determining the approximate flood plain delineation on your property and provide technical advice on how to retrofit your property to protect against flooding.

The Township has all current Flood Insurance Rate Maps on file at the municipal building.  The maps may be found digitally at:  FEMA Flood Map Service Center

To schedule a meeting to review these maps and determine what level of floodplain you may or may not be living in, please contact the Township.

For more information on the FEMA National Insurance Flood Program, visit FEMA.gov and FloodSmart.gov