Earned Income Tax

Since the passage of Act 32 in 2008 which became effective in 2012, there is one earned income tax collector per county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The exception is Allegheny County which will have four collectors- the City of Pittsburgh and the remaining three separated by the rivers. Shaler Township in cooperation with our municipal neighbors has formed the Allegheny North Tax Collection Committee.

A requirement of this law is that employers must now deduct earned income tax for their employees. Your employer will be asking you to complete a Certificate of Residency that you must return to them. The form will ask for the Shaler Township Political Subdivision Code (PSD) which is 711204 and the EIT tax rate for Shaler Township / Shaler Area School District which totals 1%.

Failure to provide your employer with the proper PSD code will result in lost revenues for the Township and your earned income tax being paid to another taxing jurisdiction. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Keystone Municipal Collections or call (724) 978-0300.