Emergency Management

While natural disasters, emergencies or unexpected attacks cannot be controlled, we can be prepared and take action now to protect ourselves and our families. Emergency Management in Pennsylvania is governed by Title 35 - The Emergency Services Code. Each political subdivision of the Commonwealth is directed and authorized to establish a local Emergency Management Agency.

Emergency Services Code

Under Title 35, the Township is required to:
  • Prepare and maintain a current disaster Emergency Management Plan.
  • Establish, equip and staff an Emergency Operators Center.
  • Provide Emergency Training.
  • Organize and prepare all locally available manpower and equipment necessary for disaster emergency readiness.
  • Implement precautionary measures to mitigate anticipated effects of disaster (i.e. flood control).
  • Cooperate and coordinate with public and private agencies in achieving any purpose of the Emergency Management Code.
  • Provide the public with information concerning disaster situations.
  • Participate in drills and exercises scheduled by the State or Federal agencies.
  • Coordinate with other political sub-divisions.

Emergency Contacts

Duquesne Light Company: 888-393-7100