Property Tax / Treasurer's Office

All property owners are required to pay real estate taxes on the real estate they own in the Township of Shaler whether it is vacant or developed. Exceptions to this are those properties that Allegheny County deems exempt from real estate taxes. Allegheny County is also responsible for the assessment values placed on individual parcels. For more information regarding assessments, visit the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessments website.

Treasurer Responsibilities

The Shaler Township Treasurer is responsible for the billing and collection of Shaler Township and the Shaler Area School District real estate taxes assessed on all property located within the corporate boundaries of Shaler Township.

Tax Millage Rates

Real estate taxes are imposed by using the properties "Full Market Value" valuation (as established by Allegheny County) multiplied by the tax millage rates established by the individual taxing bodies. For the current year the millage rates are as follows:

Taxing Body
Tax Millage
Shaler Township (2023 millage) 3.49 Mills ($3.49 per $1,000 valuation)
Shaler Area School District 
(2023-2024 millage)
24.7084 Mills ($24.7084 per $1,000 valuation)
Allegheny County (2022 millage)
4.73 Mills ($4.73 per $1,000 valuation)

Shaler Township Tax Bill Dates

Shaler Township tax bill mailing date is April 1st. The due dates are as follows:

  • Discount amount due (discount 2%) May 31
  • Face amount due July 31
  • Penalty of 10% after August 1

Shaler Area School District Tax Bill Dates

Real estate tax bills are mailed on or around July 1st. The due dates are as follows:

  • Discount amount due (discount 2%) August 31
  • Face amount due October 31
  • Penalty of 10% after November 1

Shaler Area School District Payment Dates

Shaler Area School District offers a four part payment plan based on the face amount of the tax. If paying on the payment plan, the taxpayer is responsible for meeting the payment dates. If payments are not maintained as listed below, the property owner forfeits their right to the payment plan and may be subject to penalties. The four due dates for the installment plan are as follows:

  • 1st Installment - July 31st
  • 2nd Installment - September 30th
  • 3rd Installment - November 30th
  • 4th Installment - January 31st

Please note: Failure to remit quarterly payments by the above dates will result in a 10% penalty on the payment amount.

Property Owner Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the property owners to secure a tax bill and correct the mailing address for the bill. All real estate taxes are due on or before the established due dates regardless of whether or not a tax bill is received by the property owner. Failure to receive a tax bill shall not excuse the taxpayer from paying the tax by the due date.

The property owner is responsible to notify the tax office in the case of mortgage refinance, payoff or other situations that would change the method of real estate tax payments or change of address for whom the bill is sent. Notice can be sent to:

Erin Bartkins, Treasurer
Shaler Township
300 Wetzel Road
Glenshaw, PA 15116.

Note that this notification does not change the address for the Allegheny County real estate taxes. Address corrections for county taxes should be addressed to the Allegheny County tax office at 412-350-4100.