Road Paving

Shaler Township is on a five-year paving plan program.  The following information is on the 2018 Road Paving Project.

2018 Road Paving 
Road paving is scheduled to run from early July to late August. The tentative list of roads to be paved this year are as follows:
Hartle Road Mt. Royal Blvd. to End
Arden Drive Mt. Royal Blvd. to Sherwood Street
Horizon Drive Thompson Run Rd to End
Sandy Drive Hodil Road to Northaven Circle
Sunset Lane Anderson Road to End
Winterhaven Drive
Marzolf Rd. Ext. / paved portion only
Oak Avenue, 15209 South Road to End
Hillwood Road WIble Run Rd to End
Dorf Drive
Elbe Drive to Millvale Line
Koehler Street Friday Road to Manhattan Avenue
Hill Street Parker Street to Davis Avenue
Foundry Street Sharpshill Road to End
Ridgeview Circle MIddle Road to End
Old Farm Court Ridgeview  Circle to End
Sapling Street Fernledge Drive to End
Topaz Drive Dressel Road to End
Emerald Drive Topaz Drive to End
Claridge Drive Burchfield Road to End
Penhurst Manor Claridge Drive to End
Verden Court Dressel Road to End
Fernledge Drive Dressel Road to End
Eighth Avenue Route 8 to End
Felicity Avenue Elfinwild Road to Hampton Line
DeHaven Avenue Skylark Drive to Mt. Royal Blvd.
Skylark Drive Richard Drive to DeHaven Avenue
Library Parking lot Mt. Royal Blvd. to End