Road Paving

With the aid of “Roadbotics” a computerized engineering system designed by Carnegie Mellon University. All of Shaler Township roads are assessed for consideration for the annual paving program.  Using the information from this program, the roads are ranked by priority in the paving program.  The Township prepares each road with new drainage including underground piping and catch basins.

The 2023 Road Paving budget is $1,325,000.  The Township has budgeted these funds from the General Fund as well as the State Liquid Fuels Tax fund.  The Township receives approximately $150,000 from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from shared funding of the gasoline tax. 

Residents on the streets included in the paving program will be notified via mail when paving will begin in their area.

 2023 Road Paving
Argonne Avenue (upper)
Center Street
Etna Avenue
Fall Run Road
Grant Avenue
Hill Street
Ledgeview Drive
Mark Twain Drive
Middlecrest Drive
North Spring Street
Richard Drive
Sadowski Avenue
Scott Avenue
Seavey Highlands Drive
Seavey Road
Shaler Avenue
Shaler Drive
Shaw Place Ext
South Spring Street
Townview Street
Verna Drive
Victory Road
Wadsworth Drive