Megan's Law & Community Notification

Megans Law, Act 24 of 1995 and subsequently amended as recently as October 17, 2002, was enacted to protect the safety and welfare of the general public by providing for registration of "sexual offenders" and for registration and community notification of "sexually violent predators." As a service to the residents of Allegheny County and surrounding communities, listed below are the web site links containing information about registered sexually violent predators within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

A Message From the Allegheny County Police Department

"In an effort to ensure public safety and the well being of our children, the Allegheny County Police Department asks that any concerned citizen contact our Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Unit or their local police department, if they have knowledge of a convicted sexual predator or are aware of any person having suspicious contact with a child under the age of 18 years.

The telephone number is 412-473-3000 and please ask to speak to the Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Unit.

"Additionally, if you suspect that a child is being sexually abused or physically abused, contact your local police department by dialing 911 to report your suspicions. Together we can ensure the safety of all children in Allegheny County."