Vacation Checklist

Residents and businesses can complete the vacation house check form  and submit it to the Police Department.

If submitting the completed form by mail, please make sure that the form arrives at the police department prior to your scheduled departure date.

Keep Your Home Secure

Below are some tips to help prevent crime from occurring while you are on vacation:
  • Secure all doors and windows.
  • Unplug major appliances and TV's.
  • Turn water off at the main valve inside the home.
  • Contact a trusted neighbor to make a daily check of your home.
  • Leave lights on, either by timers or have a neighbor turn them on.
  • Stop all deliveries such as mail and newspapers.
  • Make arrangements to have the lawn cut and sidewalks shoveled.
  • Leave a phone number where you can be reached with a neighbor.
  • Leave a key with a neighbor or family member.