Shaler Township's Earned Income Tax will be collected by Keystone Municipal Collections beginning with the tax year 2012. 

2012 Changes in Earned Income Tax

Information video from Keystone Municipal Collections  

With the passage of Act 32 in 2008 there are significant changes coming to the collection of Earned Income Tax.  There will now be one tax collector per county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The exception is Allegheny County which will have four collectors- one being the City of Pittsburgh and the other three separated by the rivers. 

Another requirement of this law is that employers must now deduct earned income tax for their employees.  Your employer will be asking you to complete a Certificate of Residency that you must return to them.  The form will ask for the Shaler Township Political Subdivision Code (PSD) which is 711204 and the tax rate for Shaler Township / Shaler Area School District which totals one percent (1%).  Failure to provide your employer with the proper PSD code will result in lost revenues for the Township and your earned income tax being paid to another taxing jurisdiction.  If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Keystone Municipal Collections at or call 1-888-328-0558.


Shaler Township Earned Income Tax for 2011 and Prior Years

In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 511 and Shaler Township Ordinance 1121, all residents of Shaler Township who receive earnings are subject to Earned Income Tax of one percent (1%) of the gross income.  This is due and payable quarterly.  If not paid on the specified due date, it is subject to added interest and penalty charges. 

Failure to remit for any reason quarterly payments of at least eighty (80%) percent of the income earned or net profits received in a particular quarter will result in interest and penalty charges.  A final return stating the gross income is required at the end of each year.  A copy of all W-2 forms and other pertinent schedules must be submitted with the final return.

Please call the Township for forms and payment of delinquent Earned Income Tax for tax year 2011 and prior years.  412-486-9700.

Self Employed: If you are self employed, pay on your net income.  You must provide copies of your schedules with your final return form.