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Public Works Department

                                               The Township's Public Works Department duties include:

  • Maintenance of all Township roadways including but not limited to storm drains and roadway maintenance.
  • Maintenance of the sanitary sewer system, which is limited to the conveyance lines to ALCOSAN.
  • Winter snow and ice control.
  • Maintenance of Township parks and playgrounds.  This responsibility includes the maintenance of the Township provided public swimming pool, Crawford Pool in Kiwanis Park.
  • In addition, the public works department is on call for any emergency such as sanitary or storm sewer backups, storm debris on public streets, flooding, landslides and any other public safety hazard regarding public thoroughfares throughout the Township.

For public works emergencies, please call the Shaler Township at 412-486-9700, Monday thru Fridays, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  After hours, please contact the non-emergency number at 412-961-0600.  This number is answered by Allegheny County 911 Emergency Services and can be directed to the proper individual for review. 

Other Information:  

Maintenance of State and County Roadways: PennDOT and Allegheny County contract with the Township of Shaler for winter maintenance of State and County Roadways within the boundaries of the Township, with the exception of Babcock Boulevard, Evergreen Avenue (State portion), Route 8, and Saxonburg Boulevard.         

** Winter Maintenance consists ONLY of snow and ice removal.Active Image

The following Roadways are maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania(PennDOT) Maintenance calls should be directed to 412-781-3260.

  Babcock Boulevard           Active Image  Little Pine Creek Road
  Burchfield Road   Mount Royal Boulevard
  Butler Plank Road (portions)   Parker Street
  Clare Street ( from Scott Ave. to W. Sutter Rd.)   Route 8 / Wm.Flinn Highway
  East Ohio Street   Saxonburg Boulevard
  Elfinwild Road   Scott Avenue
  W.  Elfinwild Road   Seavey Road (parts of)
  Evergreen Avenue (portions)   Sharpshill Road
  Geyer Road   Soose Roiad
  Glenshaw Avenue                   Active Image   W.Sutter Road (Clare to Thompson Run Rd.)
  Kittanning Street   Wetzel Road
  Kleber Road



            The following Roadways are maintained by Allegheny County                         

Maintenance calls should be directed to 412-931-2517.

 Anderson Road

 Middle Road

 Evergreen Road

 Vilsack Road

 Friday Road

 Wible Run Road

 Glenn Avenue


Help Us to Help You                       

Help our Public Works employees provide you with the best possible public service, please keep the following in mind:

  • During the winter, whenever possible, please do not park on the streets during snowstorms so salt and plow trucks can clear the areas more effectively.
  • Report illegal dumping to the Township Building Inspector or the Shaler Township Police Department.
  • Report dangerous road conditions, potholes, or possible sewer and waterline problems.
  • Please drive slowly and cautiously through construction work areas.
  • Please don't litter!  Everything you throw out on the street ends in our water!


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