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The Township of Shaler is governed by the Board of Commissioners as established under the First Class Township code.  The Board is comprised of seven commissioners, one for each ward, who serve a four year term.  The Board plays the central role in Township government by serving as the main legislative body of the Township.  They oversee policy development, approval of an annual budget, and tax levying.  As elected officials of the Township, Commissioners also work closely with state and county representatives concerning legislation affecting the Township.

To administer the executive responsibilities of the Township, the Board appoints all department heads in the Township as well as board members for the various department boards and commissions.  The Board also appoints the Township Manager to serve at the direction of the Board of Commissioners.









Wayne Skelley

Commissioner Ward 1


345 Hawthorne Road
Pittsburgh,  PA 15209


January 1, 2020

Lori Voegtly Mizgorski

Commissioner Ward 2

7606 Wible Wood Court
Pittsburgh,  PA  15209


January 1, 2018

David Shutter, President

Commissioner Ward 3

2425 Rolling Farms Drive
Glenshaw, PA  15116


January 1, 2020

Thomas McElhone

Commissioner Ward 4

120 1/2 Church Avenue
Glenshaw,  PA  15116


January 1, 2018

Susan Fisher

Commissioner Ward 5

439 Sandy Drive
Glenshaw, PA  15116


January 1, 2020

James Boyle

Commissioner Ward 6

3131 Deerwood Drive
Allison Park,  PA 15101


January 1, 2018

Bill Cross, Vice President

Commissioner Ward 7

231 Alma Street
Pittsburgh,  PA  15223


January 1, 2020