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Crawford Swimming Pool Rental

Subfacility of Crawford Swimming Pool

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Admission Fee

$400.00 rental fee and $50.00 Refundable Security Deposit due once reservation is confirmed.


Pool Rental Regulations

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Number in Pool Party will be required.

Crawford Pool Rental $400.00 fee and $50.00 refundable security deposit is due once applicant receives approval.

See Pool Rental Regulations for all details and rules, printable copy available.
  • Regular family, individual, and resident pool passes are not applicable to the charges for pool rental.
  • Rental is for a two hour maximum time period from

8:30 – 10:30 P.M. – Friday and Saturday
7:30 –  9:30 P.M. -  Sunday Evening

  • The baby pool is not open for use during rental hours.
  • Refund policy due to rain:

Closing the pool due to inclement weather is the ultimate decision and responsibility of the pool guards on duty. Refunds of 50% of the fee will be issued if the pool has been used for less than 30 minutes. Your security deposit will be issued in full after the pool area is inspected.

  • Refund policy for voluntary cancellation:

In order to receive full refund of security deposit and rental fees, 48 hours notice is required for canceling this reservation.

  • No concession stand services are available for this reservation.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool enclosure.
  • No smoking in pool enclosure or Kiwanis Park.
  • Refundable security deposit of $50.00 will be sent to you from the Township office upon approval of Pool Management after pool and park areas have been inspected.
  • Clean up of litter in the pool area and concession stand area is the responsibility of the permit holder, not the pool staff.  Please use the rubbish cans provided.  Park personnel will dispose of rubbish placed in designated cans.
  • Decorations, such as balloons and streamers, are permitted only in areas designated by the Pool Management Staff, and must be removed and disposed of at the end of the evening.
  • No pets are permitted in the park or pool area.

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